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Genius Group Global is led by a Board of Directors that consists of distinguished professionals and well-seasoned veterans from diversified sectors, who bring together their vast knowledge and experience and create a unique blend which helps in delivering quality services in various areas across 14 verticals we are operating in.


  • GHR Forum
  • GHR Academy
  • CEOForum
  • Innovators Forum
  • Investors Forum
  • Phd Forum
  • Academic Forum

  • Platforms to meet & connect with others are the best ways to learn, develop and expand both knowledge as well as businesses. At Genius Group Global we cater to this need of professionals by providing and hosting world-class forums in the areas of Human Resources, Technology, Innovations, Training, Education and Entrepreneurship under the umbrella of GHR Forum, with country-wise chapters, worldwide.

    GHR Forums hosts the following:

    • GHR Forum
    • Innovators Forum
    • Investors & Entrepreneurs Forum
    • PhD Forum
    • Leadership Forum
    • Academic Forum
    • IoT Forum


  • Software
  • Mobile apps
  • ERP Solutions
  • Satellite
  • Project IoT
  • BPO & Call‐Center

  • We are in an era ruled by T echnological Innovations. In today’s digital world, the number of Technology Natives is increasing exponentially, while the number of Technology Migrants is decreasing day by day.
    Mantra of 21st Century revolves around innovation:
    “The Degree of your Success directly depends of the Quantum of Innovation you do” (Dr. Sahid Cholayil)

    We at Genius Group Global firmly support this trend and design projects around technological innovations under the leadership of geniuses from around the world, who are committed toward the drive towards making this planet a better and meaningful place to exist in.

    Our Technology driven Innovative initiatives are:

    • Project IoT (Education, Security & Smart City Developments)
    • ERP Solutions
    • Satellite Communications
    • Software Development
    • Mobile Apps
    • BPO & Call‐Center


  • Project : 3g
  • Universities

  • Education enlightens minds and to have educated enlightened competitive citizens is the first priority of every nation in this world. The greatest gift and the most basic necessity for any human being, is quality Education. Imparting education is not just serving the society but also the nations and the entire world. Education is the ultimate solution of any concern that we face in life.

    At Genius group Global, we truly believe; Providing Education is an incomparable & divine act.

    The biggest challenge we face in this era is to achieve a Paradigm Shift from being “EXAM CENTRIC” to becoming “SUCCESS CENTRIC”.

    It is important to understand that Education is not just about Passing Exams; it is a JOURNEY towards becoming a BETTER Human Being, a CAPABLE Individual and an ENLIGHTENED CITIZEN, with a Character made of Strong Value Systems and Competencies.

    Our Educational Projects are aimed at being able to transform lives of billions of learners around the world by creating an Educational Ecosystem that is Adaptive in nature and provides Synaptic Learning for Holistic Development, using the Artificial Intelligence with Big Data Analytics.

    Our ambitious educational projects, operating worldwide are,

    • 3G-K12 My Favorite Teacher (An Adaptive ‘Synaptic-Learning’ Ecosystem) for School Education Sector
      • Both functioning as a world-class self-paced learning tool catering to learners of all age groups
    • IIMTS (International Institute of Management & Technology Studies) for Higher Education Sector
    • GHR Academy (For Behavioral Training, Skills Development & Certification Programmes)

    The highlights of our Learning Systems are:

    • Premium Quality Custom Created Content (Mapped to the Top-Universities and School Boards)
    • Built on an Innovative Dynamic Pedagogical-Framework (Catering to the needs of 21st Century learners)
    • Real-time Feedback System (which gauges the learner’s overall progress using built-in: Prerequisite, Pre-learning, In-line and Summative assessments throughout the learning tenure on our systems)
    • Adaptive Remediation (To bridge the learning-gaps even at the most minutest areas of a concept)


  • Online Sales
  • Retail Sales
  • Material Banking
  • Gifting

  • The biggest paradigm shift in the Marketplace Arena of 21st Century has been the transition from Traditional Modes of Commerce to E-Commerce. Technological Innovation has changed the face of Commerce worldwide and how we conduct trading activities today, has taken Consumerism to a whole new level.

    In an effort to embrace this change and to lead from the front, Genius Group of Institutions have created innovative solutions in the E-Commerce Space.

    Our current initiatives and activities under the E-Commerce segment, include:

    • gKart (Material Banking Division of Genius Group Global)
    • Retail Sales & Online Sales
    • Gifting and Donations


  • Attestation
  • Verification

  • We are the Global Leaders in Document Handling, Attestation, Apostile and Verification Services, across the world.

    Our ISO Certified processes and a Team of over 300 Employees spread across 80 Offices globally, ensure:

    • gKart (Material Banking Division of Genius Group Global)
    • Retail Sales & Online Sales
    • Gifting and Donations


  • Real-Estate

  • An activity that started as the establishing offices for various projects undertaken by internal teams, transitioned to mainstream infrastructure development and real estate ventures.

    Genius Group has various active projects under this vertical across India, such as:

    • Luxury Apartments
    • Hi-Tech Offices
    • Amusement Arenas
    • Residential Villas & Row Houses


  • Production House
  • Events
  • TV
  • Investment Magz
  • LAMA

  • Success operations of various activities undertaken by Genius Group of Institutions depend on powerful communication and media presence. We also provide a platform for Music and Art lovers to learn and develop their talents and nurture their passion through our Music & Arts Academy at the United Kingdom.

    Our Projects and initiatives in the world of Media & Entertainment are:

    • LAMA (London Music & Arts Academy)
    • Advertising
    • Concerts
    • Talk-Shows & Road-Shows


  • Startups
  • Acquisitions
  • Idea Trading

  • If you’d prefer to bypass the corporate ladder and actually build something of your own, spending a significant amount of money i.e. $140,000 and two years without pay is just about the worst way to go about it. Because looming outside those classroom walls is a creature far less merciful than any b-school professor: the market. Customers, you may be surprised to find, don’t give a damn about your degree—and the market will fire you faster than any ungrateful boss.

    Want to take the plunge but need a bit of guidance and support? Applying to a so-called startup incubator may be a far better option than business school.

    Since the 1950s,Business incubators have been typically attached to universities, these entities offered a proving ground, with back-office resources, for fledgling entrepreneurs.

    Now a new breed of incubator, catering mainly to technology types, is springing up all over the country. These startup hubs offer expert mentorship, resources like office space and legal counsel, and even seed money—typically in exchange for a small amount of equity in tiny (or theoretical) companies. More importantly, early-stage investors are paying close attention.

    Like top business schools, startup incubators are particular about whom they let in. Actually, they’re stingier: With acceptance rates typically in the low single digits, your odds of getting a bid to Harvard Business School are about three times greater than nabbing a spot in a premium incubator.













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